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A cool creative (actually revolutionary) new dating APP with a very limited investment opportunity.

/About 15winks affiliates

About 15winks Affiliates

WE ARE LIVE… we want to give a huge shout out to the team at 15 winks for giving us all this crazy opportunity to get in on something huge. When the company decided to partner with these guys and gals, the owner personally called us up to congratulate us. Some of you may not think that’s special, but as investors that kind of personal rapport building will take you very far. With that being said, this is not the official affiliate program associated with 15 winks. We are affiliates and launch partners, just like you, who wants the company to do well. They say it, and now we live by it: 15 winks’ success will become our success. Welcome to the new era of the dating world

The Revolutionary Dating App

The app is awesome to the max. It allows people to record a short video on your android or apple device, recording what your idea of a cool date is. We all know what getting catfished is right? A very neat idea of the 15Winks App is that you’re forced to make videos from your platform, in real time. There’s no uploading old videos, only current people. This kind of parallels the progressive nature of the company too. Now you can base compatibility on more than just a series of lengthy questionnaires- hear, see, and get a feel of people’s personalities, live. 


A MUST WATCH… Time Sensitive Update!

15winks video!!!!!!



This is going to be great


No more getting catfished


A revolutionary new dating App


"I love this one, such an amazing concept. Great idea, great app, great compensation plan. I'm in."

Nicole Hampton

/Time Sensitive and Intense

You have to pay attention to this video… It is a true game changer. It details the compensation plan for those of you who want to experience the new era of dating and take part in the compensation plan. If you just wan to date this is quickest way to see if you’re compatible with someone or at least attractive to them. Take advantage of the special. The link will be up soon and will only be up for a few weeks. Let’s get to the hundred thousand mark!

Coolest thing ever!

Coolest thing ever!

I can’t wait


An amazing creative app with crazy cool features. Pay attention for updates unique and don't forget to subscribe at the very bottom.

/15winks App Features

Take a look at just some of the app features that they’ve released

Tabbed Contents

These are some of the 15winks app features.

For one, you’ll be able to take videos live. No more uploading edited videos from 10 years ago. See people live and right now. This allows you to gauge your true attractiveness to a person much better than a compatibility quiz. No more getting catfished.

Plus this is a WORLD WIDE dating app. Do you know how powerful that is?

PLUS this is has a meetup/ geosocial fuc

Pricing off the app is lower than any of your other dating sites like match.com, eharmony, etc. Take a look at the site and see for yourself. Sign up through this link to be an exclusive member of the team.

Plus this is a wor

This is truly the first of its kind. Simply amazing.

This is one of the best compensation plans I’ve seen for a dating site. Make sure you carefully watch the videos, and even if you don’t sign up under our company, trust me you still would want to get in while it lasts. When their launch partner program was up they said it would end soon. Some of our friends said they’d wait to get in, but they ended up not doing it. Don’t wait until it’s too late :)

Design (85%)
Innovative (90%)
COOL (99%)


If you’ve ever thought about dating online, with 15 winks, it has never been made cooler. Take advantage of our special NOW.


/15winks Latest News

Our latest news

Check Out Our 15winks Latest News



Hey guys… WE ARE LIVE… When I tell you the race to 100,000 is going to be faster than Usain Bolt, it might be gross hyperbole, but it sounds cool… Ahem. However, this will be a short lived promotion. So…, get in right now. This is definitely the newest way to date in the 21st […]

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She's going to meet up with someone

15winks affiliate program

The exciting new 15winks affiliate program is one that you won’t want to miss out on. This program is designed to generate continuous commissions with a quality program that people all around the globe want and need. If you want to get in on an affiliate program that’s certain to be a huge hit, while […]

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15winks app price

Beginning in spring of 2014, this affiliate program will go viral on mobile phones EVERYWHERE around the entire world: 15 Winks will be available as an Android and Apple app. A lot of people have been asking me how much does the 15 winks app cost? Don’t worry, it’s nothing to expensive. The 15winks app […]

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